15. mai 2012

Classic and simple

Simple style is always the best style. The champion of simple style got to be Elin Kling. Like she has said:

 "I like to dress the way that I think guys would like me to... and the way I like guys dressing.. simple, classic with a touch of sexy" 

A few of my favorites at the moment;

 Levis and a sort simple tee.. worn out preferably
 Black jeans, black shoes and oversized demin shirt
Black black black. Always looks good. Can hardly go wrong with black on black, all black 

Dark jeans, black pumps, white tee and a red leather jacket. Cant be any better! Perfect outfit

Nude dress and a handsome guy by your side? 

Grey tones and a blue sweather

Black pumps, leather jeans and a pilot jacket...

What are your classic favorites? 

this time of year again...

BIKINI SEASON!!! Ughh.. noo actually i mean something worse;

EXAM PERIOD!! oooh only wish I could study the books above. Just to keep me motivated for summer (and working out) i need to look more at photos like the ones at the top. Seriously motivating..

By the way, in a week ill be in spain. How amazing is that? Looking seriously forward to it. Love

5. mai 2012

These outfits inspire me now

. Wish I had them all. Specially Rumi´s leather dress, and a lace dress with a big leather jacket and Wang bag. 
Have a nice weekend! 

29. apr. 2012

suddenly monday tomorrow...

... and im dreaming of summer! Feels a bit closer now that the sun has come back

24. apr. 2012

Great Gatsby, Flapperdress, Headbands and Charleston...

..is all about the lovely 1920 this weekend.

At least for me. Im going to a wedding with the 1920s as theme. What to wear? Where do I find the perfect headband and a hot flapper dress (preferably light colored)?? Any tip? I am grateful for all the help I can get

Ulrikke and Angelica

So very much alike...

22. apr. 2012


This sunday is going to be used to studying, eating, a little trip to the flee marked and maybe a small walk in the forrest...So many plans, so little time! Love sundays

21. apr. 2012

Coachella favorites

Alexander Skarsgård

Rosie- love the flower shorts!! 

Iman and friend. Only a Victoria Secret model can wear an outfit like that...

Rumi is perfection

Have a nice weekend. A lot of flee markeds in Oslo now, just saying :)