15. mai 2012

Classic and simple

Simple style is always the best style. The champion of simple style got to be Elin Kling. Like she has said:

 "I like to dress the way that I think guys would like me to... and the way I like guys dressing.. simple, classic with a touch of sexy" 

A few of my favorites at the moment;

 Levis and a sort simple tee.. worn out preferably
 Black jeans, black shoes and oversized demin shirt
Black black black. Always looks good. Can hardly go wrong with black on black, all black 

Dark jeans, black pumps, white tee and a red leather jacket. Cant be any better! Perfect outfit

Nude dress and a handsome guy by your side? 

Grey tones and a blue sweather

Black pumps, leather jeans and a pilot jacket...

What are your classic favorites? 

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